Healing work 1

Is the most rewarding work I have ever done.

From working in the corporate world, stressed and mostly annoyed at being bullied by bosses who did not have my wellbeing at heart at all.

To being the person who has others and my own wellbeing at heart, is amazing.

We all work hard to please others and forget to please ourselves, this makes us feel inadequate, low, and ultimately depressed with our lives.

Reiki has shown me another way to live and enjoy life, my relationships with others has improved beyond recognition. I am able to sustain happiness and help other to do this too. We are all so much more interconnected than we think. We are telepathic, you know this because if you are thinking of someone for a little while, you can guarantee that person will make contact with you. Being attuned to Reiki has re-ignited my abilities of telepathy and intuition. We tend to not believe in these things as others my find it weird… But we all have these abilities..

The world today needs heart centered people working to improve themselves and others, we are all responsible for the collective consciousness. The News on TVĀ is mostly fuelled by fear.. If we feel fear we are constantly sending that energy into the world.

When we practice feeling happy we are creating a conscious positive energy to send out into the world, energy is powerful, we make the choice to choose fear or love.

I choose Love always

Bless us all

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