Physical wellness and spirituality

“I have had a life long interest in the interconnection between physical wellness and spirituality. If I can offer you one phrase or one idea that stops you on the path of suffering you have been traveling, and get you to consider another direction – I feel I have accomplished the best I can do. I am willing to go back to the crossroads where you made a choice to suffer, help you choose otherwise and walk with you towards True Wellness. (If you are someone who likes to walk alone, I’ll be within shouting distance.) I have great Faith in the resilience and brilliance of the human spirit. If I offer you an idea that you can understand, you will run with it – and you will be well. You have all of your answers within you. If you don’t know them, you just haven’t been pointed in the right direction yet. I am more than willing to help you with making choices that serve True Wellness.”