About Bev


A little about me.

I was brought up in Manchester, the only girl in a family of six children, and being the eldest I had a major role in the family. 

My five younger brothers were quite a handful and I had to help mum as much as possible. Our parents did their best although both were very young when they married and had little to no experience of raising children, as most of us in the beginning. My childhood experience was not quite how I would have liked it to be, looking back as an adult now. But it is what it is, I have had to work on many aspects of myself to overcome trauma and abuse and would not be able to do what I do today had I not had to go through those experiences in my early years.

I feel I have something genuine to offer others as I have had to put in the work to heal myself.  I share authentic experience of how to self heal, whilst offering healing modalities that speed up self healing. I am passionate about helping others. I do know how hard it can be when you are trapped in suffering and have a lack of self love. I went through many abusive relationships as this was my early experience, it took me many years ro recognise what was going on in my life. 

I had always felt a strong connection to spirituality, and as a young girl I was aware of the Divine, I would ask for help, spending many hours meditating, with no knowledge at the time, that was what I was doing. It was a great comfort to me and I felt deeply connected through meditation. All of this experience has helped me to develop a practice that is all about healing, and giving lifelong value. Once we are able to heal ourselves we are able to heal others. This is what we all need, a way to deal with what comes to us in life, and how to attract better experiences.

On the up side of those early years I was also able to witness transformation in my parents as they became more aware of themselves and their behavior. and my father became a local Guru of sorts in his 30’s and 40’s, he would advise and mentor friends and family through tough times and always had a positive outlook on life. I gained a lot of insight from listening to his conversations.

As previously mentioned I made my own divine connection quite early in life, but didn’t really know what to do with it. I could sense things, and had a deep understanding and inquisitive mind. This carried on throughout the ensuing years. I never really knew what to do with my own understanding? becoming a young adult I wanted to get a job and have fun with my friends. There wasn’t much time for spiritual activities and so at that time it was put aside but not forgotten.

I married and started my own family, my husband and I had difficult times and good times, but eventually we divorced, and I was left to raise our five children of my own. We got by well enough, plenty of ups and downs. They are all grown up now and I have nine amazing grandchildren. We are all very close and spend as much time as we can together.

How Reiki found me!

I worked for Lloyds banking group back in 2012 and one day at work a colleague complained of neck and shoulder pain, so I asked her if she would like me to give her a gentle massage as she sat at her desk.  I placed my hands on my colleagues shoulders, and instantly started to feel a heat coming from my hands, it felt as though I was drawing out the pain and stress, I had to shake this heat off my hands when they got too hot, then continue healing. Once I had finished she asked me, “what did you just do”? I said “how do you feel”? she answered ,amazing the pain has gone and I feel a lot less stressed. The effects were long lasting, she felt relief from neck, shoulder and back pain also migraines and stress.

At that time I did not know I was feeling the flow of Reiki, but I did know that it was helping people.

I began to investigate the energy, and came across Usui Reiki. I made contact with a Reiki master and told her about the heat and what had been happening. After our conversation I decided to study Reiki and booked myself onto the next available course.

During my first attunements to Reiki level 1, my Reiki master told me, I was so unbelievably ready for this work. I felt that too, as though I had actually found where I belonged. I studied Reiki for over 2 years, gaining Reiki practitioner and Reiki master teacher levels in Usui Reiki.

I left my office job in February in 2014 to pursue a new career as a Reiki Practitioner and master teacher, this is now my life work and it gives me so much joy and happiness, whilst helping others. I can truly say I love my job and my life. The knowledge, understanding and spiritual connection was back in full force, this is definitely what I am meant to be doing with my life.

I have been growing my business and experience now for over 9 years, taking on extensive training to offer a broad set of modalities and services to provide you with the best holistic healing I can.

These include Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology and Mental Health, Mental Health first aid. Understanding Autism, Ayurveda massage and diet, Angel therapy, Crystal healing. Self Sabotage. Angel card reading, Intuitive Coaching, Indian Head Massage, Swedish massage, Holistic facials and Violet flame healing.

My life experiences are also shared with my clients when appropriate as I truly believe you have to have walked some of the walk to authentically offer support and knowledge that things can and do get better and better.


‘Every day, in every way I get better and better’.

Emile Coué,