Reiki Healing


Violet Flame Healing


Angel Reiki


Crystal Reiki


Angel card readings


Intuitive Coaching 


Indian Head Massage 


Full body massage


Facials both male and female

I only use Tropic products, Organic, vegan and available to order






Energy Medicine


Combination packages are tailored to your needs. I work with all of the above modalities providing a complete care package.

I have found that the tailored combinations work very well with all kinds of emotional, physical and mental issues.



Reiki Courses 

Reiki level 1 

This course will introduce you to the history and practice of Usui Reiki and attune you to student level. You will feel the energy flowing through your hands and be able to practice on family and friends.

Reiki level 2 

This is practitioner level, and once attuned, you will have access to the 3 Reiki symbols. You will learn the practical side of becoming a business, if that is the direction you wish to go in. You will at this stage be able to charge and offer your service to the public, once you have insurance and membership to the UK Reiki federation.

Reiki 3A Master and 3B Teacher

For those who want to receive the master attunements to complete their Reiki journey and wish to teach. These are beautiful courses and experiencing mastery is such a privilege.


Also available:  Reiki House cleansing

If you are moving into a new home, or feel any negative energy in the home you are in, have your house energy cleansed.


Love your life workshop retreat

2 day workshop with or without stay

Start the day with light Qigong energy exercise, meditation, Ayurvedic massage and intuitive coaching, looking at how you view yourself and the world around you, helping to recognize behavior patterns and developing a strategy for improving your future. followed by Reiki of your choice.The beneficial information that comes through as a result of the treatments can be very profound yet subtle.


NOTE:  Optional Bed, breakfast and evening meal, for those travelling long distance. Contact me for further information.  


Detox Program

Involves 10 hours of treatments and intuitive coaching over 4 sessions.

The detox program is designed to cleanse your system holistically, and does not require the use of medication, although if you are taking medication you should continue to do so.  You will have Ayurvedic cleansing treatments and energy healing during each session that will bring to the surface the emotions that have you trapped in your addiction.

All illness and addiction comes from an emotional, traumatic negative place, we will get to the core of the issue, making this a detox of the cause, allowing genuine healing, lifelong health and happiness grow from dealing with the core issues, we will work together in trust and confidentiality.

You will experience profound, lasting results from this Detox Program.


To book your free 15 minute consultation, appointments and discus cost please call 0795 6056 103

New clients will be required to make a deposit prior to any treatment bookings.