Self love can be a difficult subject to most people, there is always something not to like, usually physically. we need to get past this to enable us to move into love and acceptance, once we are able to love ourselves we are much more apt at loving others… One […]

Ho’oponopono = Self love first

Childhood trauma comes with you into adulthood and sits in the darkness at the back of your mind waiting for an opportunity to pop up when you least expect it. This is a natural process, until the events, issues have been addressed. It is always difficult with childhood issues because […]

Childhood Trauma

“I have had a life long interest in the interconnection between physical wellness and spirituality. If I can offer you one phrase or one idea that stops you on the path of suffering you have been traveling, and get you to consider another direction – I feel I have accomplished […]

Physical wellness and spirituality

Is the most rewarding work I have ever done. From working in the corporate world, stressed and mostly annoyed at being bullied by bosses who did not have my wellbeing at heart at all. To being the person who has others and my own wellbeing at heart, is amazing. We […]

Healing work