Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses 

Reiki level 1

This course will introduce you to the history and practice of original Usui Reiki and attune you to student level. You will feel the energy flowing through your hands and be able to practice on family and friends. This level is where you will begin self healing as a regular practice, lt has been life changing for all those I have taught.

Reiki level 2

This is the practitioner level, and once attuned, you will have access to the 3 Reiki symbols, these give added power to your Reiki, and is required if you want to set up in business. You will learn the practical side of starting a business. You will at this stage be able to charge and offer your service to the public, once you have insurance and membership to the UK Reiki federation.

Reiki 3A Master For those who want to receive the master attunements to complete their Reiki journey.

Reiki 3B Teacher, is a separate course solely for those that want to go onto teach.


These are beautiful courses, all levels are designed to increase gradually the power and mastery of this ancient healing form, it is such a privilege.

Teaching Reiki is so rewarding, being able to pass on this skill is one of the most important and fulfilling parts of my life .