I am one of those people that likes to think that they are relatively cool, calm and collected but if you have a teenager living at home with you, firstly, you have my sympathy and secondly, you know that you’re never cool (not as far as they’re concerned anyway), rarely calm and the only collected part is when you are being your teenagers personal chauffeur.

 My mum had a session with Bev and said that I would benefit from it – and mother knows best!

 I was a little anxious when I arrived at Bev’s as Reiki and what to expect was a bit of a mystery to me.

 Straight away Bev put me completely at ease, we had a general chat and Bev told me what she would be doing and what the benefits would be before asking what I would like to take away from the session.

Ultimately, I just wanted to feel less uptight.

 As I had heard about my Mum’s experience, I half expected to feel the same way but Reiki is an incredibly personal experience and as soon as I realised that and told my mind to shhh, I was able to relax, helped by gentle chanting music in the background,

 After the session, I felt very happy and more relaxed than I have ever felt after any traditional salon type massage.

 So, for those of you that are unsure whether Reiki is for you, I highly recommend a session with Bev as she is a wonderful, friendly lady that exudes calmness,  and honestly, who couldn’t do with more of that in their life?


John Bullock

As this was my second reiki session with Bev, I thought I knew exactly what to expect.  The first session had been a completely liberating experience – as if my entire body and soul had been spring cleaned and put in for a service.  It left me free of anxiety, brimming with confidence, incredibly positive and ready to face any challenge the world threw at me.

I really needed that first session as I had been in a bit of a slump at the time.  It was now a couple of months since that session, but I was still feeling the benefits and had been happy and positive ever since.   I wasn’t sure if I necessarily “needed” a second session but I had enjoyed the first one so much that I was keen for more, and Bev had told me that now she had completed her reiki 2 training, there were new things that reiki could do for me.

I am so glad that I went for that second session.  Where the first session had seemed very much like a “cleanse”, ridding me of all of the unnecessary emotions and anxieties I had, this time it felt very different and was an incredibly powerful experience.  I felt energy flowing into me, growing me, strengthening me.  It felt like I was drawing in some sort of life-force that would allow me to do anything I set my mind on.  I really felt as if I could take on the world, achieve all of my goals and ambitions…I felt strong and focussed and believed I was capable of anything I set my mind on.

It was a truly empowering experience and really made me feel like I was growing and developing as a person.  The previous session had got rid of all the bad stuff, and this session had filled that space with goodness and strength.  I felt (and still feel), better than ever.  I am writing this one week later, and during that week I have had some incredible experiences and achievements…things I believe may not have occurred if it was not for the reiki.  I have grasped opportunities that may have slipped through my fingers before and I have tackled challenges with a resolve and determination that I don’t normally possess.

I have been talking about my reiki experience to all of the friends I have seen since my treatment and have recommended it to them all.  It is like nothing I have ever experienced before and has left me on a complete natural high; full of positivity, joy, confidence and with a genuine lust for life.  I can’t wait for my next session too, and finding out what that might have on store for me.


Lynne Oxley

Reiki sessions

I have been enjoying and experiencing the benefits of reiki for many years, but no-one does it quite like Beverley Roberts.  I find that regular sessions with Beverly helps keep me balanced, minimises the mind chatter to provide clarity, inner peace and opens me up to more possibility thinking and regaining my inner power to tackle life’s many ups and downs.  I go in frazzled and come out like Buddha.  Reiki has been significantly beneficial during periods of chronic stress, brain fog, joint pain and anxiety attacks.  Whatever your experiencing it’s worth getting rebalanced by Bev and ignite your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Having been a lover of reiki for my own healing and told by so many that I have healing hands I decided to participate in Beverley’s Level 1 training to complement by own coaching and therapy practice.  I chose Beverley as my trainer as I think she is a genius at the technique, as I have experienced positive benefits from our sessions, but also, she exudes healing energy, is heart centred and is very passionate about her topic.   The training was engaging, supportive and most importantly fun.  I came away thinking that I can help people at a deeper level and I do, thanks to Beverley’s training.