Detox Program

Detox Program

Drugs and Alcohol Addictions


Involves the healing energy of the violet flame, (a rescue energy) mindfulness, meditations and intuitive coaching over 5 sessions.

The program is designed to cleanse your system holistically. You will receive holistic cleansing treatments, with energy healing during each session that will help bring to the surface the issues that have you trapped in your addiction.

You will receive one to one care and attention during your sessions and will be encouraged to express your feelings, there will be a number of gentle energy exercises that you will be introduced to, these take only a few minutes to learn but have a profound effect on the body’s own cleansing abilities. You will be able to incorporate them into your life to maintain good health.

All illness and addiction stems from an emotional or traumatic experience known or unknown. We will work together to get to the core issue, this a detox of the cause, allowing genuine healing, lifelong health and happiness grow from dealing with the core issues, working together in trust and confidentiality.

This is an empowering experience. You will experience profound, lasting results from this Detox Program.

This program can be attended alongside any other program you may be attending.

For more information, contact me on 07956056103 for a free 15 minute one to one consultation.