Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma comes with you into adulthood and sits in the darkness at the back of your mind waiting for an opportunity to pop up when you least expect it.

This is a natural process, until the events, issues have been addressed. It is always difficult with childhood issues because when they do re-present in the most likely form of a flashback, they almost always catch you when you least expect it, maybe things are going well for you, you are feeling happy, not thought about the issue in a long time.

Then all of a sudden its back, and the emotions of the issue flood back in, feeling the fear and emotional sensations of the time of the event.

The effects can be devastating, impacting on your daily life, relationships, your personal relationship with yourself. It is difficult to begin to fathom how to deal with this. Most times it’s pushed back to the back of the mind, after a great deal of stress, hoping it will not return at least not soon.

The fear and emotional sensations of the time of the issue can be so powerful that we actually live in fear of the return of the flashbacks.

I have had personal experience of this. The first thing I did was trust someone it took a long time but once I had spoken about it, I felt a great sense of relief, that was the beginning.

I learnt very soon after that it wasn’t going to be easy and there was going to be a lot of facing up to do. This was going to be a long often hard road.

I have now done the work, faced the issues head on and come through them, I no longer have flashbacks nothing is waiting in the back of my mind to jump out and frighten the life out of me anymore. It took time, lots of tears, fears and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is key to healing, it can be the hardest part in fact, but you cannot heal without it. Reiki has been the most profound journey of personal healing. When we decide we are ready to deal with trauma, because the continued invasion into our lives is so devastating, the right modality presents itself to you.

I had no idea what Reiki was at first, but with the help of Reiki I have found freedom from the devastating effects of childhood trauma and am able to assist others on their journey to freedom.

If you have experienced childhood trauma and would like some advice please contact me.